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Travel Show Host, Thobi Rose shares list of Travel Essentials.

I recently had the opportunity to travel parts of South Africa with Travel and Lifestyle content creator Thobeka Mthemu popularly known as Thobi Rose. Thobi is a South African Entrepeneur, Youtuber and social media influencer, who vlogs about her travel adventures. She happens to be the host of a new travel show – Sweet Escapes, where she shares the spectacular gems of her home country South Africa.   More Africans are traveling […]

todayApril 10, 2024 7


Fresh Focus – Jeiyo

After featuring Jeiyo on Paula’s Playlist, I have compiled a list of things you may not know about the GMP singer/producer:    He fell in love with music at a young age.     Jeiyo was as young as 10 when he discovered his love for music. Growing up in a Christian household he joined the church choir, and took on not only basic guitar lessons but piano as well.    Jeiyo […]

todayJuly 27, 2023 89


Free Educational Websites For Kids

What to do with your kids when school is closed.  Now there is nothing wrong with letting the kids hang out all day doing nothing. Breaks are great even. But based on experience, kids love or oftentimes crave some type of structure. A bit of routine and structure can be calming.    Here are eight (8) free educational sites that offer everything from math and science experiments to animated stories […]

todayJune 22, 2023 38


How to keep warm this winter 

I was born and raised in the south coastal town of Luderitz , where it's mostly misty or windy, so its always a surprise to people when I complain about how cold the weather in Widhoek can get. I always try and explain that the burning winters of Windhoek does not compare to my foggy hometown on its coldest day. In Whk, I have had to adapt and keep warm […]

todayJune 14, 2023 11


Everything you need to know about the New Namibian Identity Document

Namibia and Botswana have signed a memorandum of agreement which will allow citizens of both countries to enter the territory of the other using national ID cards. The move is meant to facilitate movement between the two neighboring Southern African countries.   Paula spoke to Home Affairs Public Relations officer Mr Sakeus Kadhikwa and here is everything you need to know about the new ID:     The Namibian government launched […]

todayMay 3, 2023 2082 2


Creative Marriage Proposal ideas You Partner Will Love

Ready to pop the question?  Proposals are a memorable and special moment for any couple, from grand gestures to intimate moments, there are countless ways to pop the question.   Arrange the perfect proposal for your partner with these creative ideas:     A Flash Mob  Choreograph a surprise dance with friends and family, culminating in the proposal. Find a dance studio in your area to help you set-up and get […]

todayApril 11, 2023 41 3


Fresh FM Activates at Maerua Mall for the Month of Love

Maerua Mall ended their Month of Love Campaign in style on the 25th of February with a fun filled day, full of surprises and giveaways, and Fresh FM was there to capture every moment. Throughout the month of February, Maerua Mall had a competition running where shoppers could enter into a box 2 shopping receipts from any shop at the mall to qualify for a draw. 8 contestants were drawn […]

todayMarch 16, 2023 105


What Every Parent Needs To Know About Back-to-School Safety Tips  

As parents, we must ensure our children are safe and secure in all aspects of their educational journey. Parents know to teach young children to look left, right, left before crossing the street, but that’s really just the beginning.”  Older kids are walking on their own, crossing unfamiliar streets and are walking when it’s dark, so they need to know how to take extra precautions.    According to, here […]

todayJanuary 18, 2023 104 2


How difficult is it to learn a new language?

They say you can achieve anything you set your mind to, but lately I have been wondering how easy or difficult is it to learn a new language? Ever since Chazz came back from her mini break, all happy and refreshed, she's been determined to learn what she now calls her second language - Khoekhoegowab. According to Wikipedia , the Khoekhoe language (Khoekhoegowab), also known by the ethnic terms Nama (Namagowab) /ˈnɑːmə/, Damara (ǂNūkhoegowab), or Nama/Damara […]

todayJanuary 11, 2023 72

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