How to keep warm this winter 

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I was born and raised in the south coastal town of Luderitz , where it’s mostly misty or windy, so its always a surprise to people when I complain about how cold the weather in Widhoek can get. I always try and explain that the burning winters of Windhoek does not compare to my foggy hometown on its coldest day. In Whk, I have had to adapt and keep warm when my cheeks, fingers and toes are burning from the cold and my nose feels like it’s about to fall off.  

 There are a few things we can do to help stay warmer this winter; 

  1. Keeping yourself warm

There are many things you can do to maintain your core body temperature:

Layers: Wearing lots of layers rather than one thick piece of clothing will help to trap your body heat and keep you warmer. Thermal underwear and clothing, and hot water bottles are an inexpensive way to stay warmer for longer. You can also keep your feet warm with thick socks and slippers.  

Food and drink: Make sure you eat healthily and drink plenty of hot drinks throughout the day. Avoid alcohol – it prevents your blood vessels from constricting, and you’ll begin to lose body heat. 

Move around: It’s also important to avoid sitting still for long periods of time – move around and keep as active as possible. This will help boost your circulation and keep you warm.  


  1. Keep your house warm

Heating one room during the day can keep the cost of your energy bill down. There are several ways to warm a room:  

Curtains: Open your curtains during the day – the sun still provides warmth, even in the winter months. Make sure you close them as soon as the sun sets to keep the warm air in. Investing in thicker curtains,  will help keep the cold air out and prevent heat loss. 

Move furniture away from external walls: Sitting with your back against an internal wall will instantly feel a lot warmer. 

Insulate your floor with rugs: If you don’t have carpets, put down plenty of rugs. Hardwood or laminate floors are a lot colder than carpeted areas.  


  1. Staying warm at night

Temperatures really plummet at night, so it’s important to keep your bedroom as warm as possible:

Bedding: Use extra blankets, or buy flannel or fleece bedding if you can. These materials trap body heat and are better insulators than cotton. Using thicker tog duvets will also provide warmth. 

Electric or weighted blankets: An electric blanket is a lot cheaper to run than a heater and provides a constant source of heat throughout the night.  

Toasty pyjamas: Wearing fleece or flannel pyjamas will go a long way to keeping you warm as they trap the heat. Bed socks will also help you sleep. 

Hot water bottle: Cost effective and long lasting, a hot water bottle will provide a safe source of warmth throughout the night.

Written by: Paula Christoph

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