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I recently had the opportunity to travel parts of South Africa with Travel and Lifestyle content creator Thobeka Mthemu popularly known as Thobi Rose. Thobi is a South African Entrepeneur, Youtuber and social media influencer, who vlogs about her travel adventures. She happens to be the host of a new travel show – Sweet Escapes, where she shares the spectacular gems of her home country South Africa.  

More Africans are traveling the continent, in 2019 alone, over 184,000 Namibians chose South Africa as their travel destination.  

I’ve asked Thobi Rose to share with us her Top travel essentials: 


  1. Wipes  

Travel can make you feel dirty. It’s just a fact. You can easily freshen up on the go by carrying some wet wipes though.  

Things may not be as clean as you hope when you’re on a plane or in a hostel or hotel room, so you can use them as overall body wipes and clean up other messes. It’s a basic travel item, but it can keep you from getting sick! 


2. Hydarating Lip Balms  

We can’t forget the lip balm! You’ll want to moisturize your lips because the air in the plane dries you out. So having a go-to lip product that you know will hydrate and soothe is crucial.   


3. Hat/Cap  

Hats and Caps are not only a stylish fashion accessory, but they also offer great sun protection when you’re on the go. 

Sunny, warm climates are great, but the sun can be incredibly damaging. That’s where a hat comes in. A hat is great to keep the sun off when walking around a new city or on a hiking trail.   


4. Sunscreen 

Sun protection is important for everyone, it protects your skin from the two harmful forms of UV rays in UVA and UVB. 

The worst part of it is that the two forms of UV radiation can cause cancer. Whether you are dark skinned or have a lighter skin complexion, skin cancer is non-discriminatory and can be diagnosed for any skin type, age, or gender. 

Using sunscreen does more than just shield you from UV radiation. It protects your skin from developing signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. 


5. Passport  

This travel essential is a no-brainer. Make sure everyone in your family has a valid passport, and that all passports are up to date.  

If you’re travelling with children, check the expiration dates on their passports as well. Some destinations will have a requirement that your passport must have at least 6 months of validity remaining. 

It’s always a good idea to bring a few extra passport photos with you in case you lose your passport while you’re travelling. This will make the process smoother when applying for new documents in a hurry from an unfamiliar country. 

Also, be sure to research visa requirements before you leave for your trip. Don’t leave this until the last minute! (Also make electronic and hard copies of all important documents, just in case). Besides visas, it’s also important to double check if there are other requirements for entry. 

6. Snacks  

When travelling, it is always a good idea to pack snacks. Whether you are travelling by plane, train, or car, having snacks on hand can help keep hunger at bay and prevent you from relying on unhealthy fast-food options.  

Opt for non-perishable snacks such as granola bars, nuts, dried fruit, or crackers that can easily fit into your bag. 


7. Medicine  

Let’s face it. A travel medicine bag isn’t many people’s priority when it comes to putting together that all-important packing list. 

But it should be. You never know when you might come down with a cough or cold, have a bout of diarrhea or take a tumble. A good traveler is always prepared.  

There is no such thing as a definitive travel medicine kit. Much will depend on your age, gender and medical conditions, your destination, style of travel and your attitude to medicines. 

Consider where you are travelling to, and for how long, when deciding which medicines and first aid items to include in your travel medical kit. 

If you are on any medications, talk to your doctor before you go traveling and ensure you have enough to last you throughout your trip. 


Listen to full interview here : Thobi Rose opens about her new Travel Show – Sweet Escapes, plus shares must-have travel essentials. – Fresh FM


Written by: Paula Christoph

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