Why don’t you listen to local music?  

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I’ve been crazy about music, ever since I can remember.  Music is like the soundtrack of our lives. It’s there for us even during the toughest times, guiding us through the darkness, and keeping us company when we feel alone. 


I have a soft spot for local music, and I think it’s because of the shows I watched as a kid. Programs like Afro Connection, Wizeni, and Penduka were a big part of my childhood.


They featured Namibian artists singing in our local languages, and without even knowing it, they taught me to love and appreciate Namibian culture. Seeing people like me on TV, performing their music, made me feel proud and connected to my roots. The various languages and local music styles seemed special compared to what I heard from around the world. Even though I didn’t understand all the languages, those shows made it feel totally awesome to be Namibian. 


It really hurts when I hear Namibians talk down our local music, saying it’s not good or that they don’t listen to it. It disappoints me that I hardly ever hear local music at parties, events, or on the radio because we have so many talented artists working hard to give us great songs to enjoy. 


If we don’t invest in supporting our artists, our music industry won’t grow. What many people don’t realize is that there are lots of good things that come from listening to and supporting local music, which can benefit both you and the entire nation.  


On my social media show “Paula’s Playlist,” I’ve got an episode called “The Power of One Click.” In it, I explain how your support can make a big difference for your favorite artists or content creators and the positive impact it can have on a country when we support our own. 

Here’s the link : Paula’s Playlist, Episode 3 – A Celebration of Namibian Music – YouTube

Written by: Paula Christoph

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