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Challenging yourself can sometimes be dreadful, but not limiting yourself to experience life in its fullest can be meaningful

Ever felt like your life should be way ahead from where it already is? Creating limitations for yourself and allowing others to dictate your life can do that. Starting now you should take charge and take back the narrative of your own life.

Out of our comfort zone encourages us to think big and start with small steps, “The limits are your thoughts. Believing in something and thinking big is the first step towards your vision. You need to realize your goals, don’t put yourself under pressure and start with small steps.”

Teresa Burton, a licensed unity speaker, speaks of breaking free from your limitations as a step towards time to grow. To take everything that has been limiting you and mindfully releasing it with intention and create space for new experiences.

Ways you can break free from limitations are as follows according to lifehack:

Open yourself up to change

Know that nothing is impossible if you believe it can be done, lifehack shares that “The first thing that must happen with any limitation is you have to break down the belief about it. You don’t have to believe it’s possible or know how to do it—just accept there’s going to be a way to do it.”

Growth or bottled in?

No one has a fixed mindset, you can break your own boundaries and limitations. It depends on you and how you want to move on with your life.

Can’t, won’t, try, should

These words can be limiting and can deprive you of the chance to break away from your fears and not create boundaries in your mind. For example, stop trying and start doing, how will you know you’re going to fail if you’re limiting yourself?

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Written by: Chareen Kauazunda

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