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Love is a powerful feeling, and emotion, that has the ability to change lives, especially the lives of children.

“When love gets a hold of us, we become different people almost overnight – no convincing required,” states the publication Becoming Minimalist. “Our lives change just because we have fallen under the control and influence of love.”

It is therefore important to tell your children that you love them, and the above-mentioned publication lists a few reasons why.

It gives them courage

When your child knows that their foundation (the parent) is stable, courage starts to shine through while risks start being taken.

It makes them part of something bigger than themselves

When you are loved, you are accepted as part of something bigger than yourself. Thus, children who are loved have an identity in something greater than themselves. “And the sense that we are part of something bigger produces responsibility, commitment, and ethic. It is something that our world needs more of today,” notes the publication.

It allows them to make mistakes

“A natural outflowing of love is forgiveness – when we love somebody, we forgive their wrongs,” states Becoming Minimalist. When children know that they are loved, they also know that they are forgiven for making their mistakes.


It takes away fear

Whatever the situation, love casts out fear. Those who are loved are better equipped to handle life’s scariest and toughest moments.

It gives them someone to trust

Children who know that they are loved also know that they have someone to trust. The above-mentioned publication shares, “Not every piece of advice we’ll give them throughout life is going to the best advice, but they can rest confident knowing that we [the parents] will always give it our best shot with their best interests in mind.”

Think back to when you were growing up, how much of the “I love you” did you hear? How did it make you feel? What did it affirm for you?

I think as parents we tend to want to give more to our kids so let’s focus on that. You are doing a great job, keep at it.


Much Love,

Shai_Quan xx

Written by: Chareen Kauazunda

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