TOXIC WORKING ENVIROMENTS…. Ring a bell? Let’s find out if you are working in one.

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Man… Toxic working environments are draining and can make you want to up and leave your job on the spot.

Quick story time…. with one of my jobs, I experienced a lot of bullying and toxicity and yes, I quit the job because it effected my mental health a lot. I was very depressed and anxious all the time. The person behind it all was my very close friend and when we fell out, she draaaaaaaaaaged me. All forgiven but you can never forget your colleagues calling you names, cussing you every day and spreading lies about you…. but we move.

Workers spend a huge bulk of their lives in their places of employment.

It is then very important that these environments are comfortable and liveable, as the lack of comfort might leave one depressed, possibly ending in hatred for the job or career.

Toxic working environments are a worker’s worst nightmare, they are unbearable and cause a lot of emotional pain and suffering.

I recently read a LinkedIn article that shared some signs of a toxic working environment and which I experienced in the corporate world…

– People constantly belittle each other.

– There’s a lot of gossiping and backstabbing.

– People feel like they’re always under attack.

– Employees feel afraid to speak up or disagree for fear of repercussions.

– The workplace is constantly chaotic, and there’s never enough time to do anything.

The article adds, “When you work in a toxic environment, it isn’t easy to grow and learn. This often results in stagnation in your career, as you’re not allowed to develop new skills.”

Healthline suggests the following to deal with possible toxic work environments:

  • Take your lunch break elsewhere – Be sure to take a lunch break where you can get out of the work environment. Sit in nature if possible.
  • Don’t get involved in the drama – Try to walk away from any drama or gossip. Nothing positive will come from it.
  • Stay focused on your goals – Do your best to stay in a positive state of mind. You won’t be here forever, and you have bigger and better things ahead of you.
  • Don’t compromise your values – If someone at work is being cruel to you, do your best to not respond. It will only make the situation escalate.
  • Engage in regular stress-coping techniques – Take up meditation, yoga, or engage in daily exercise to help you handle chronic stress.
  • Plan your exit – If the toxic work situation isn’t going to improve anytime soon, start your search for a new position.

Try these suggestions to deal with this issue and see what change comes about. If it gets too bad its okay to leave the job (when you have a back up plan).



Shai_Quan xx

Written by: Chareen Kauazunda

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