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Getting a new dog may be exciting, we often forget that these little four-legged friends need a serious commitment as they come with a lot of work.

The thought of their cute little faces should not fool us into forgetting that there’s a lot we need to consider before bringing them home.

PetMed suggests considering the following before getting a dog.

Are you really ready to have a puppy – It is important to think of all the responsibility that comes with having a dog; responsibility such as feeding the dog, playing with and walking your dog certain times a day.

Will your pet fit your lifestyle – PetMed suggests that you get to know the breed you’re interested in before getting it, as certain dogs are more demanding than others. This will then minimize the unfortunate thing of having to give the dog to the dog shelter due to its overwhelming nature.

Make Your Home Pet-Friendly – Getting your house ready for a dog means checking every little detail around it, both inside and outside the yard. PetMed suggests for dog owner potentials to make sure that the cupboards with items not suitable for dogs be properly locked if in a place reachable for dogs. The plants outside the yard must also be checked to see if they are not toxic for your dog.

Be Prepared for an Adjustment Period – PetMed suggests the following adjustments before bringing the puppy home: “Set up a quiet, enclosed space with a comfortable bed, or a kennel that can be closed, keeping your puppy secure from wandering.” They also warn against taking the puppy to bed, once they start crying at night.

Train your pet – It is of the utmost importance to train your dogs all the important things in order to make your stay together run smooth. It is also important not to overwhelm it when training it.


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Written by: Chareen Kauazunda

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