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I was having a conversation with our CEO a few weeks ago about my insomnia and he suggested that I start running more…. Great suggestion but the thought actually scared me. A few weeks ago, we heard of two ladies who went hiking and they were attacked and almost raped… and that created more fear in me. I live close to a school that has a sports stadium that I can go run at any time and even though it is a two-minute walk from my house the thought of walking there gives me chills.


Context, I have been robbed a lot. LIKE A LOT. And honestly that has left me so paranoid. I am always on edge. It made me realize once again how unsafe this world is for us women. And not much is changing. So, if you are a runner and like exercising outdoors here are some safety tips for you…

Be aware of your surroundings: Headphones are great for playing tunes that help motivate you while running but they can also block out surrounding sound that could alert you to danger. Try to keep your headphone volume low if you feel you must use them. 

Stay in contact: Let someone know when you are going to be running and what route you will be following. You can also check in with them at the end of your run with a simple text message. 

Vary the times of your runs: Attacks while you are running are often spontaneous attacks when a perpetrator spots an opportunity. However, predictable patterns are also a safety concern. Try to have some variation in the timing of your runs and avoid running when it is dark or in isolated areas. You could run an hour earlier or later and change up your routine when it comes to the days of the week when you choose to run. 

Carry a whistle: You can buy a sports whistle and having it on a lanyard around your neck means you can raise the alarm quite quickly if you feel unsafe. The loud noise may also startle your attacker into running away. 

Get Pepper Spray: I got mine for N$ 160.00 at the Gun shop in Maerua Mall and you can easily carry it in your hands or bag.

The best suggestion I can give you… Run in a group:  There’s safety in numbers.  

Be Safe out there.

Much Love,

Shai_Quan xx

Written by: Chareen Kauazunda

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