Overcome Negative Personality Traits

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“You are perfect” That’s a statement many of us want to believe about ourselves. Its easy to spot the ‘toxic’ traits in other’s but very rarely do we give ourselves a brutally honest introspection. (

Answering the question of whether you are toxic is one we would like to avoid all together. However, the saying still remains accurate, the first stage is acceptance. Once you’ve accepted that you have a problem, here is how you deal with it.

Give yourself some quiet time, maybe during your monthly self-dates (Winning at Self Love) and make a list of all the negative personality traits you have spotted in yourself. Be honest and if you struggle, send a message to a couple of close friends and circle in the most reoccurring negative traits they think you possess. Remember that you still need to accept that you posses these traits, so hang up your sensitivity cloak for this one because it may get messy.

Once you’ve written your list, hang it up someplace that you will see it day and night. This will force you into guilt when you start slacking on your turn around actions.

Finally you want to give yourself a time duration and target one goal at a time. Day you are impatient. Put yourself on a 30 day walk to patience journey. Change does not come overnight, so you need to be forgiving and persistent with your growth!

Written by: Delila Katanga

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