FRESH CARES and we FED 4370 underprivileged children.

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If there is one thing that most of us have been taught is to always care for our neighbors and share even the little that we have with them. That is why when the team sat down to talk about what initiatives we could join on and embark on it was a no brainer that soup kitchen would make the most sense in winter as an introduction of our Corporate Social Investment (CSI) project, “Fresh Cares” that is very close to our hearts.

At one point we all lacked somewhere, and someone helped us out so why not pass that on to those who need it when we are blessed?


Under this initiative, Fresh FM will conduct various projects aimed at uplifting the lives of those in need.

Gearing up for this we knew that it was going to be a lot of work but found comfort in the fact that so many little hearts would be warmed, and bellies will be fed. One of the toughest sights to see is seeing children walking long distances to get to school and what’s worse even the state they are in going to school just to get an education. I am sure we have all seen those students walk along the road every day. I remember when I was living in Ongwediva and would see kids walking from Oshakati to Ongwediva for school and you might think that the distance is not that bad but that is probably because you are in a car.

So, feeding these kids and warming their hearts was much needed. We are grateful to our loyal listeners who took their time to nominate these schools that would appreciate the soup and our visit. In total Fresh Cares Soup Kitchen fed 4370 underprivileged children, nurturing their well-being. The beneficiaries, Fidel Castro Ruz Primary School, Bethold Himumuine Primary School, and Havana Primary School.

THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING. We have more projects coming up.

We are so grateful to our Sponsors Pick & Pay Namibia and Namibia Fresh Produce for generously sponsoring the nutritious soup, ensuring the success of this meaningful endeavor. We look forward to more moments like this.

As Fresh FM remains dedicated to giving back to society, the “Fresh Cares” initiative marked a significant step forward in creating a stronger and more compassionate community.


Thank you to each and every person who showed up on the day to put a smile on these beautiful kids faces, who knows maybe you helped us feed the future President of Namibia.



Much Love,

Shai_Quan xx

Written by: Chareen Kauazunda

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