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Taylor Swift: The Biggest Gangster In Music

That title is quite dramatic yeah? I could not resist, thanks in part to Drake mentioning this in his second diss track aimed at Kenrick Lamar - Taylor Made   It seems like there's a plethora of people that do not understand the power that Taylor Swift holds in the mainstream music industry & why it's possible that Drake is not entirely lying about Kendrick being scared to drop, seeing […]

todayApril 23, 2024 47 2 2


Unlocking the Potential: How South African TV Content Shines & How Namibia Can Follow Suit

When it comes to captivating television content, let's not lie, South Africa has consistently set the bar high. The country's TV industry has flourished over the years, producing a wide array of shows that not only entertain but also reflect the rich cultural diversity of the nation. From gripping dramas to thought-provoking documentaries and hilarious comedies, South African TV content has something for everyone. Now, the question arises: How can […]

todaySeptember 5, 2023 12 3


Amapiano: The Beat That Will Stand The Test Of Time

In the ever-evolving world of music, certain genres have managed to etch their names in history, transcending generations and maintaining their relevance. Amapiano, a genre that originated in the townships of South Africa, has recently taken the global music scene by storm. With its infectious rhythms and distinctive sound, Amapiano appears to possess the qualities that could enable it to stand the test of time. But why is Amapiano poised […]

todayAugust 30, 2023 220 3


Chazz Curates The Perfect Kendrick Lamar Setlist

Kendrick Lamar, a lyrical genius and powerhouse in the world of hip-hop, has captivated audiences around the globe with his thought-provoking lyrics and powerful performances. As fans eagerly anticipate his upcoming show In South Africa at the 'Hey Neighbour' festival in December, the question on my mind is: which songs should he perform to create an unforgettable concert experience? Like a true die hard KDOT fan (see what I did […]

todayAugust 16, 2023 195 5


Chazz On Embracing the Decision Not to Forgive

Forgiveness is often seen as a noble and virtuous act.  Throughout history and across various cultures, the idea of forgiving others has been praised as a path to 'inner peace' and 'growth'. While forgiveness can indeed be transformative, I've realised that there is one person from my past life that I will never be able to forgive (yeah, yeah. I know). Here's the thing though, I am genuinely happy with […]

todayJuly 25, 2023 95 5 2


Chazz: For My Gentle Brothers…

My gentle brother, get your money right. The woman you deserve deserves you at your best & at your most deserving.   Hear me out my king. Get your money in order. Get your lifestyle healthy. Get your attainment in ten tens. Get your mind, heart & livelihood so right that the woman you go for is never tainted by the burden of knowing your potential and watching it go unrealized.  […]

todayJanuary 30, 2023 130 4


Chazz’s Perspective On Spending Time With Your Significant Other

Are guys'/girls' nights good for your relationship? Do you trust your person when they're out with their friends? What’s a healthy amount of time to spend with the person you’re dating? We all know those people who seem to dive headfirst into a new relationship, spending 24/7 with a new partner, but this sometimes comes at the expense of their other relationships. Meanwhile, other people feel like they have to […]

todayJanuary 30, 2023 140 3


Chazz’s Perspective On Rekindling Relationships

Although the relationships in our life may seem constant, our social circles are always evolving. Losing old and building new friendships is just another part of life and for the most part, we are okay with it. But what if you find yourself missing an old friend?    Our memories are colored by our emotions and nostalgic memories are rarely accurate. Our tendency to over-romanticize the past means that we […]

todayJanuary 19, 2023 45 5


Seasonal Relationships

There are some seasons that I have been through that I never wanted to end. The season where I was reminded that the world can be a beautiful place filled with beautiful people. I would like to believe that certain people come into your life for merely a season; because it has become your turn to receive, grow, learn or even share. They bring you an experience of immense peace […]

todayNovember 15, 2022 135 4

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