Chazz: For My Gentle Brothers…

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My gentle brother, get your money right. The woman you deserve deserves you at your best & at your most deserving.  

Hear me out my king. Get your money in order. Get your lifestyle healthy. Get your attainment in ten tens. Get your mind, heart & livelihood so right that the woman you go for is never tainted by the burden of knowing your potential and watching it go unrealized. 

I know you want someone who’s going to grind it out with you but I’m here to tell you to lay your own foundations right & build for you as an individual before you find someone to journey your path to glory with. The reason I say this to you is that you often rush into relationships as men (and mean well) then you relax, even when it’s unintentional. You master loving your woman but go about doing the bare minimum when it comes to building your future with her. 

QUICK MATHS: Women are multipliers. You give her love; she will give you an abundance of heart but if you shortchange that heart of what you’re supposed to come equipped with (in terms of protection & providence) you end up incurring an imbalance of sorts that will end up with her dissatisfaction because: 

1: You’re tog a good man, but it’s underwhelming when you do love half-half. 

2: You’ve got great promise but tomorrow-you isn’t marriage worthy or today-you just isn’t showing up. 

3: Talking about your dreams only frustrates people, not just your woman, when you’re doing less than possible to get it done. 

4: No woman wants lack. NONE. No woman wants to ‘make’ you. NONE. (And you don’t want to owe your success to anyone either, right?…) no woman wants to constantly hear that you’re trying without the results of that attempt to win. NONE. 

5: Women are marriage worthy but until the day your bank balance and/or your assets can scream “GET MARRIED MY PA!!”, stop toying with women’s hopes for your relationship’s future.  


Now, I’m not saying or don’t jola or date and have your fun, to each his own. All I’m saying is be honest about where you are and what your worth is. Stop expecting marriage value when you’re not doing marriage worthy shit. Everyone can love, that’s not special bruh. What counts now and forever more is your monetary worth and what you can afford a woman in material comforts coupled with a spirituality and emotional maturity to rid her of unfavorable concerns. GET YOUR MONEY. No bullshit excuses about gold diggers & the hustle & trying and and and. Stop it. You want goodness. Earn it. You want to keep it, afford it.  

Respectfully, Chazz.

PS: My gentle sisters, you’re not off the hook. My word for you will come in due course.

Written by: Chazz Mubita

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