A season to purge all that you don’t NEED.

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One thing about Shai_Quan? She will hold on to things sooooo badly until it hurts her to the last core before she let’s it go. I am still trying to figure out why and where I picked this bad habit at and why I am struggling to let it go. However I do think I do not want people to feel like I have given up on them too easily… I know it’s giving people pleasing, we are working on it. Perhaps you are also struggling with this so let’s take some time to take accountability and drop these habits that are not giving QUEEN or HIGH VALUE Men and Women.

As people we hold on too many things that are not serving us well, all in the name of “what if I’m gonna need it or need them”, and this mentality can set you up for a heavy load of baggage that you do not need.

Simplifying your life can be liberating at times, you get that instant feeling of freedom and being in control.

Purging things in your life that don’t serve you well can put you closer to finding your purpose in life, whether its people who bring you nothing but drama and gossip or getting rid of your old shoes, you should try it and see how lighter it can make you feel.


According to Life Skills Matter purging your life, clearing it all out and getting rid of everything that doesn’t energize you is exhilarating, and this is how you can start doing it:

Starting with your phone:

  1. Do you need the spam messages on your phone about insurance policies and that you have won competitions you didn’t even partake in?
  2. Do you need old random pictures sent through a group that is now taking up space in your gallery?
  3. Do you need the spam emails that are piling up in your inbox, why aren’t you unsubscribing?
  4. Do you need those screenshots that you took from social media and saving them for a day you want to shade someone? (We all have those moments) … right?! Please say yes lol

5 ways to purge your life according to Life Storage:

  1. Be in a good frame of mind, you have to want to do it, prepare your mind on letting go of “the stuff you might need in the future according to your thoughts.” Be realistic with your expectation and what you aim to achieve.
  2. Unfollow content that doesn’t make you happy and serve you.
  3. When you speak of “spring cleaning” try not to find storage boxes to store things you don’t need, give them away. Clear your house at least once a year, for example, ask yourself why does your child still have books from a previous grade and is there a purpose for them?
  4. Declutter your digital life, some people have computers that say “your storage is full”, what could you possibly be storing? For example, you watched a movie you have downloaded before, why not delete it? Try to find a hard drive that will store everything you still need to keep including files, pictures and apps you use.
  5. Start saying NO! just because it’s free doesn’t mean you need it in your life.

Lisa Hayim founder of Well Necessities has advised that “the purpose of emotional purging is not to end suffering – it’s about getting in touch with your deepest emotions, understand and come to terms with your pain, and be able to move forward in the direction you want to go.”

Are you ready to free yourself and more space in your life? Let’s get it.



Written by: Chareen Kauazunda

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