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I jump at the opportunity to bring out my ‘Dora the Explora’ persona. Lately I have been feeding my love for travel by doing so in my own back yard, Namibia. Other than the capital city, Windhoek, the coastal towns of Swakopmund and Walvis Bay are usually the second on the check list of places to visit when you travel to this beautiful gem of a country.

I’ve been to Swakopmund a handful of times, and here are my favourite things to do every time I am find myself there.

  1. Yoga by the beach

Yes! The beach should always be the first thing you go to the second you arrive in this or any coastal town for that matter. Yoga by the beach is very therapeutic as you get to silence your thoughts and zone in on that specific, peaceful moment in time. You do not have to take it so literal, although I do, Yoga by the beach doubles to mean slowing down for 10-15 minutes to take in the wonders of nature and the great ocean. You can do this by taking a walk by the beach, or just sitting at a bench with your earphones in and allowing nature to transport you. Make this a daily activity while you are there. It costs you nothing… but strange stares at times.


  1. An activity at the Desert Explorers

In the very handful of times that I travel to Swakopmund, I never miss an opportunity to be adventurous and Desert Explorers always tickles that adventure itch for me. I’ve tried Sand Boarding, Go-Karting and Camel Riding. Sand boarding is my least favourite, it leaves you looking like you dived headfirst into the Namib Desert, whilst Camel Riding is my absolute favourite. Small nota bene, you want to wear as much padding as possible or your inner thighs will experience the highest form of discomfort. Other than that, the ride is very scenic and takes you through various parts of the desert, with a high point view of where the desert meets the ocean. This activity is perfect for solo travelers, as the staff is ever so friendly, they always make a stop to take pictures of you on the camel with your own devices and at no extra costs.


  1. Boat rides

What trip to a coastal town is complete without a boat ride? I would personally recommend the Catamaran Charters. They are located at the Walvis Bay Waterfront which is a mere 40 minute drive from Swakopmund. They have a variety of packages available for you to have a look at. I was on a three hour tour on which they beautifully educate on the different oceanic fauna. If you are lucky, you will have one or two animals hop on the boat to say high and might get a wave from some kind dolphins. The tour also includes, great music, food, drinks, and you get to meet wonderful people. Another activity that is perfect for a solo traveler as there’s always someone willing to trade you taking a picture of them for the same curtesy.


  1. The Skating rink

An outdoor skating rink in the town center of Swakopmund might not seem like much, but this is great budget friendly activity for couples and family’s to spend time together and learn how to use roller skates and once you pay for your ticket, you have access to the rink for the entire day. Bargain deal if you ask me! Click Here to check out my epic fall the last time I was on roller skates.


  1. The Nightlife!

You didn’t think I was going to leave this one out, did you? Here is a quick breakdown, Club Salt is for the EDM and Pop music lovers, Infinity Lounge is for the Amapiano lovers and Club Naps is the beautiful in between. All located in Swakopmund and all certified by me to have you dancing till your feet hurt.

Granted, there are a lot more activities to get into and places to visit in Swakopmund and Walvis Bay, but these are my personal favourites. Happy traveling and remember that memories are not made at home, so go out and live a little!

Written by: Delila Katanga

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