Pets do The Darndest things.

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Owning a pet is a wholesome feeling. Not only are known to have massive health benefits to your life such as emotional support and cardiovascular health, but they are also great company.

When you’ve owned a pet for so long, they become part of your family, your little baby, but sometimes, if we are being honest, they drive us nuts!

I for one, the owner of an adorable bunny, have contemplated one too many times putting her back up for adoption. However, she is still my baby and I love her. Bluey loves to chew and loves attention, this one time I had a long day at work and she was camped out in my room waiting for me. When I got home, I greeted by my bunny sound asleep on my bed next my iPhone charger which was now in three parts. She did this not once, but three times. It was then I decided she was old enough to have her own place and I stopped budgeting 500nad for new chargers. I thought I had it bad, but look at what some of our listeners sent through:

  1. Caught Paw Handed

“My dog, Junior, marched into my room and at my plate of lunch. It made me mad, but he’s men’s best friend.” – Bale, Tsumeb


  1. Blinded By Love

“My cat scratched my right cornea, and I was blind for 2 weeks, I’m better now.” – Miss T


  1. The Gift of Giving

“I had a dog that kept bringing home dead snakes on the stoop outside, and my dad took him away. I was genuinely starting to grow attached to it.” – Nina, Otjiwarongo


Can’t get enough of these pet stories, create your own by becoming a pet owner. Check out our podcast on the 10 easiest pets to look after

Written by: Delila Katanga

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