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Before you make up your mind to be angry at the contents in this blog post, the title reads loud and clear. It’s no secret that we on Double Espresso are not parents. The closest we can get to that is me being an aunt of plenty, and even that does not qualify or come nearly as close as being a fulltime parent or guardian.

People always have their two cents on how you hold a baby the right way and what you should feed your child at what age, and while all this can be annoyingly judgmental, there’s some big red flags in parenting that we need to address. The serious mistakes parents make in raising children.

Maturity stood out as a big flag in my books. Immature parents taking the red flag title. Emotionally immature parents can mess up your relationships, parents that are immature tend to make sporadic choices without fully weighing how this will affect children and don’t even get me started on child headed households. Having an emotional matured guardian is quite important as feelings and emotions are passed on from the parent to the child through daily lessons. Musketeer held an opposing view, and you can listen to it on our podcast.

Some other inputs on the mistakes made by parents when raising children is that all parents make mistakes and that’s okay, but the absence of abuse means is a great start, whilst another comment stated that constantly comparing your kids to others does more harm than good.

All in all, if you are earnestly trying to do what’s best for your child, you are doing something right.

Written by: Delila Katanga

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