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Hello Powerhouse,

Happy Monday! So… what has been happening as of late, is – I have had this constant wonder about WHY I do the things I do. I have a love for mentorship, because I have mentors and they have been so instrumental in my “life walk”. Having someone I can echo my thoughts to and that can act as a soundboard has been amazing.

The analogy

I have this image when I think about my life… I am on a soccer pitch and when I find myself smack in the game I cannot see the whole picture, but only what is in my peripheral. That means, that someone who has an elevated view (in the crowd) would be able to see opportunities and hurdles that I cannot see. I use this analogy as the basis of wanting to speak to people, who may see an angle to a matter that I cannot, or simply allow me to gain perspective and understanding of what is going on in my head/mind.

The practice

Knowing that sometimes we do not always see the WHOLE picture has allowed me to humble myself in my thinking, to be open to new perspectives, and to allow opposing views. It is through getting the alternative views, that I can then be firm in my convictions. When we hold opinions, we often use confirmation bias, to further cement our thinking. This is found when we are in romantic relationships that are no good for us, and we want to find a reason to stay and use anything that happens to confirm that, no matter how small. When we think we are not good enough and are constantly looking out for signs that we do not deserve the job, the opportunity, or the comfortable things in life.

The work

Much of the time we need to work on the way we think and reprogram our minds to steer away from the negative perceptions we have of life. That means actively changing the berating words that echo in our minds, the “you are not good enough”, “you lack discipline”, “you never stick to anything you set as a goal, why try?”, or “you are always falling for the wrong people”.

We have to work towards changing our thoughts to echo what we want out of life.

To speak life into ourselves, and to be able to have those words echoed onto a soundboard to help see the alternative view. To be able to seek out opportunities, to be found doing, and to be met by opportunity in preparation.

Simply said – sometimes, you do not see the whole picture. However, we get up and DO, we get up actively pursue our dreams, we get HELP when we need it and ensure that when opportunity knocks, we WILL be found DOING!

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