Live every 24 hours as it comes, that way you learn more and you stress less

todayMarch 25, 2022 13

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Over the years I had always wondered what the motto or the formulae was to life, if you search on the internet everyone has a thousand quotes created on steps to take, to be happy or to stay for filled or how to avoid stressing. I use to have folders on my pc and on my phone filled with life quotes. Different quotes for different feelings, and emotions that may want to be controlling on some days. I use to be such a great fan of listening to inspirational talks by various leaders, and speakers, but still I would not permanently be for filled.

One day I was called in for a radio interview, and my questions were sent to me a day before, for me to prepare myself accordingly. One of the questions were, “what is your favourite life quote”, and as I sat and prepared for my interview, despite having thousands of downloaded quotes, in that very moment there was not any quote, that I could think off and yet again I went straight to download a few quotes I would then select form what I considered was going to be the best for my answer, for my interview.

Later that evening as I was preparing for bed, I felt off, and extremely anxious and all of a sudden I didn’t even want to go for the interview the next morning. My thoughts were filled with anxiety. I called my brother on the phone and we spoke about it and I remember him saying to me “ what, how can you be anxious to get interviewed, Jane this is what you genuinely love doing (he meant talking by the way, lol) after he calmed me down again, I remember he said again “soon we will need to find a way for you to cope when anxiety fills your thoughts and convinces you, you can’t do something when you know the power you have to complete it” and I agreed with him and we said our goodbyes, and I love yous and hug up. I laid in bed thinking how am I going to do just that; the controlling of the anxiety, the calming down etc and I remembered my brother saying to me a few days prior, “take every day as it comes” and that was it!

I went back to my notes and wrote “ my favourite life quote is, live every 24 hours as it comes, that way you learn more and stress less”. I hope one day my quote will be something people save on their phones to help them get through rough days, and even the good days. I hope that my quote saves lives too, just as it had, and still does to mine.

Written by: Jane Kandetu

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