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todayMarch 25, 2022 19

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We launched a question to our listeners, asking them what they would do to make it more pleasant to come to work. The responses where outright ridiculous, but expected.

One of the reasons why people hate going to work is because they hate the idea that they are not in control of their own time. so navigating this huge road block means we need to get creative. One way way of doing this is by greeting your co workers when you walk in. As simple as it may sound, the workplace can be more pleasant when you work with people you like. Liking someone means getting to know them and this means greeting people on a regular and joining the team for Friday night drinks. Getting to love your work environment means stepping out of your comfort zone every once in a while. It’s very easy to ponder on the negatives and get bogged down about wanting to leave, and while having an exit strategy is not bad at all, its best to focus your energy on things that do make you happy, such as your tasks and duties.

If you have your own little space in the office, don’t be scared to personalize it with plants or a couple of pictures, this will liven up the place and give you something positive to look at on a daily.

Written by: Delila Katanga

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