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As individuals we can be fast to share positive feedback which is great, but we also sometimes tend to be slow at giving negative feedback.

Just recently I was in need of a service and I called up my regular provider to handle it. She then appointed one of her employees to complete the task and when I spoke to the employee she responded with reluctance and proceeded to pass me on to a second employee. After hearing the reluctance from the second employee, I figured I will just cancel my booking and handle the matter myself.

It wasn’t that they couldn’t do the job, but rather that they didn’t want to do the job. I didn’t feel a need to report this to their boss cause everyone has bad days and there’s no need to punish them for it.

Their boss found out anyway and called me back asking why I really cancelled the booking. She ensured that they will show up to my doorstep with an apology in hand and a smile on their face the following day which they did. She also pleaded that the next time the situation happens, instead of staying quiet, that I let her know so that she can be in a better position to increase her client’s experiences which is much better than the extreme worst situation of her losing clients and not knowing why until it’s too late to salvage the business

Although my initial intentions where to not place the employees in trouble… because like I said, everyone is allowed a bad day, I realised that a much worse chain reaction could have occurred through my silence.

So send that email or make that call to give negative BUT constructive feedback. Yes, not everyone will welcome it, but those that do, create a better client environment when they do.

Written by: Delila Katanga

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