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If you’re assembling a Fantasy Premier League (FPL) team and aiming for a top-notch performer, Mohamed Salah should be at the top of your list. Here’s why he’s a standout choice for your FPL squad

Consistent Goal-Scoring Record: Mohamed Salah is renowned for his ability to find the back of the net regularly. Season after season, he’s proven himself as a reliable goal-scorer in the Premier League. His consistency ensures a steady stream of points for your FPL team, regardless of the opponent.

Penalty Duty: Salah is often the designated penalty taker for Liverpool. With penalties being a valuable source of points in FPL, having a player who takes spot-kicks can significantly boost your team’s overall score.

Versatility: Salah’s versatility as an attacker gives him the opportunity to score from various positions and situations on the field. Whether it’s a long-range shot, a well-placed header, or a clinical finish inside the box, Salah has the skills to capitalize on different scoring opportunities.

Assist Potential: While Salah is known for his goal-scoring prowess, he’s also adept at providing assists. His ability to create chances for his teammates adds another layer of potential points to his FPL value.

Bigger Fixture Hauls: Salah tends to perform exceptionally well in certain fixtures, often referred to as “fixture hauls.” These are matches where he’s more likely to score big points due to favorable matchups. Captaining Salah in these games can lead to significant FPL gains.

Favorable Liverpool System: Liverpool’s playing style and attacking system complement Salah’s strengths. The team’s emphasis on high pressing and quick transitions benefits his ability to exploit defensive vulnerabilities and capitalize on counter-attacking opportunities.

Ownership and Captaincy: Salah is one of the most popular and highly owned players in the FPL, which means his price and value can fluctuate based on demand. Additionally, his popularity makes him a prime choice for the captain’s armband, which could lead to double points if he has a standout performance.

Historical Performance: Salah has a proven track record of being a top FPL performer. He has consistently been among the highest-scoring players in the game, making him a safe and reliable pick.

Entire Season Performer: Salah’s ability to consistently deliver points throughout the season makes him an ideal choice for FPL managers who are looking for a player with longevity and reliability.

Remember that FPL performance can vary from season to season and even within seasons. It’s important to keep an eye on current form, injuries, and fixture schedules when making your selections. However, considering Salah’s historical performance and attributes, he is undoubtedly a strong candidate to enhance your Fantasy Premier League team’s chances of success.

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Written by: Arthur Daka

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