Breaking Bread and Building Bonds at Butcher Block Steakhouse

todayOctober 16, 2023 31

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Does it require nasty email reply or are you just hangry? This is the real question you should be asking yourself before you hit send. As the year draws to an end, everyone, yes… EVERYONE’s fuse starts getting shorter and less understanding especially in the work environment. The pressures of the year coming to an end can take a toll on us and sometimes taking a step back and being able to interact with your colleagues outside of the office is the perfect way to reduce the tensions.


Team building comes in different shapes and forms, while you are fine with mountain climbing and trust falls, others (myself included), prefer a more relaxing approach, good food. After all, isn’t it the way to anyone’s heart? So that’s what we did. The Fresh FM Radio Presenters went out to Butcher Block Steakhouse for dinner and no, I am not here to share with you how the service was impeccable, the staff friendly and the food worth salivating over, but rather, the great laugh we had.


It was lovely being out on cool evening, a table under the stars, some wine and long drinks on the table and instead of discussing about analytics and strategies, just having  good laugh about the times we’ve overreacted with one another simply because of deadline and delivery pressures. Getting to understand that we are all human and sometimes, even though we don’t like it our mood swings get the better of us and that there’s nothing some steak and wine can’t fix.

See how much fun we had here: Dinner and Butcher Block Reel  and maybe join us next time.

Love and Light ⭐

Written by: Delila Katanga

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